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Kickstarter Documentary ... and Poetry!

Here's some news to kick start the year 2015:

We are setting up a Kickstarter for funding in order to release physical copies of an album being made by the lo-fi musician and satirist, Smee.

We are going to document this uncertain experiment, and turn it into a film. The odds aren't in favor of a successful return, and this should prove to be an insightful and hilarious look into the Do-It-Yourself musician and art community.

We have also added a new poetry section to our website, where we will host poetry jams and exchange feedback about each others work. We shall start off with A Consumerist Nightmare by Landon Balk. Please visit and comment with your thoughts.

If you have something you'd like to share on Magic Spiral, send us a message or email.

We hope you will all contribute and join us along these experiences, and we wish you a fruitful New Year from Magic Spiral Productions!

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