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September Stuff

“When people learn that I play music, they always ask: are you in a band?” –Smee

Remember the Smee documentary we were working on earlier last year? Well, the project hasn’t been scrapped and/or forgotten. Rather, it’s evolved into a short film tentatively titled “I Am the Band.” Our script is complete, and we’ve begun the pre-production stage. Our hope is to inject the short into the film festival circuit. If you’d like to become involved in the project, shoot us an email. We're always looking for new creative talent to collaborate with.

We have been working hard on creating new content for Magic Spiral. Check out a collaborative poem, "fast cake tips" which is from our My Cat Have Running No poetry book. A new photo gallery titled "Broken Glowsticks" is up. Tell us what you think.

A special thank you to inr circle for featuring our poetry book, My Cat Have Running No, in their latest print edition and on Facebook. We will be doing a feature article on them soon, so look out for that. In the meantime, take a moment to read their local publication. And speaking of our book, physical copies will soon be on sale at a few local haunts. We'll let you know when and where.

Like and share our Facebook page for a chance to win a free signed copy!

We have been going around town and checking out creative endeavors by other locals. If you have an event or project you’d like us to check out, let us know. We'd love to lend our support, whether it be a hand, some shameless promo, or honest and productive feedback.

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